Access Bank Code: What Is Access Bank Transfer Code?

Access Bank USSD Code

Access Bank Code — One of the most prominent financial institution in Africa, Nigeria inclusive is Access Bank. The financial institution has been able to set itself apart exclusively from others following the merging of the bank with Diamond bank, another financial institution in Nigeria.

With the introduction of access bank ussd code, a method which allows a customer of the bank that owns a phone to conveniently connect and make transaction anywhere and at anytime, banking has become much more easier.

Thus, the innovation of such such led to the introduction of access bank ussd code which features transfer code, buying of airtime with ussd codes, among many other interesting features.

What is Access Bank USSD CODE

The access bank ussd code is *901#. The input of this code allows a customer to perform transactions on his or her phone at his or her own convenience. Thus, a customer can use the access bank ussd code to buy airtime, check account balance, take loan, transfer money and do other access bank Xtra services.

The ussd code does not use any internet connection.

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Following the use of access bank ussd code, banking has become more secured, convenient, fast and effective.

How To Use Access Bank USSD Code.

To use access bank ussd code, dial *901# on your smartphone. After dialing, it’ll being out all the available options. You can choose an option by inputing the number of the option. Continue following the instructions that pops up until you finish your transaction.

Access Bank Transfer Code

Similarly, to use the access bank transfer code, dial *901#. After this, wait for some options of command it show on your phone screen. Then input 2 in the available space underneath the command options.
After doing this, following the instructions on your screen to complete your access bank transaction.


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