Access Bank Customer Care Number

Access bank customer care number

Access Bank Customer Care Number is one of most soughted for by respective customers who require the customer supports of the bank or needed to fix an issue. Hence, the need for an access bank customer care number to easily reach out to them.

This article provides relevant information and details that are considered necessary in order for you to use access bank customer care number for the specific purposes.

Also, learn about access bank transfer code. With the transfer code, you could do your mobile banking transactions without having to go down to your bank.

What Is Access Bank Customer Care Number

The access bank customer care number are 07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7 and listen for the self-service option.

What You Could Do After Dialing The Access Bank Customer Care Number

Dialing the customer bank presupposes an intention to log a complaint, fix an issue or any related to the aforementioned. Hence, here are some of the basic thing you can do after dialing the access bank customer care number.

  • Check your account balance
  • Transfer funds to Access Bank accounts
  • Find out information on products and services
  • Block lost or stolen cards
  • Log complaints or requests
  • Request for debit cards or cheque books
  • And so much more, without having to speak with our representatives..
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Is access bank customer care number 24/7?

Just like other customer care support line, the access bank customer care number is available 27/4. As such they provide the required customer interaction, real time information and assistance. Interestingly, the access bank multi-lingual Contact Center is a world-class with your accounts from anywhere in the world.

Access Bank Customer Care WhatsApp Number.

As an extension of their customer support, access bank allows for WhatsApp chat with the provided customer care number.

Access Bank customer Code

Instead of requiring a customer support, you can also make a transaction for yourself by dialing the access bank customer code. The access bank customer code is *901# and can be used to perform several bank transaction on your phone.


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