Agbalumo Stories: Accepting Manuscripts Submission For The Fiction Genre

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Submission To Agbalumo Stories

Agbalumo Stories, a publishing house, is accepting submissions for the fiction genre. The submission window opens on the 10th of August. As a result, writers with works in the respective genre are invited to submit their manuscript. 

 Read further to learn more about Agbalumo Stories, their visions and missions to writers, particularly in the fiction genre, and what sprouted the desire to create a publishing home called Agbalumo Stories.

About Agbalumo Stories

Agbalumo Stories establishes a new foundation where genre fiction can thrive.

We believe stories should be told with rich diversity, presented through compelling characters, evoking deep feelings, and containing unforgettable experiences. We believe stories and what they represent should live through ages, and we plan to preserve the ingenuity of storytelling through timeless publishing.

Agbalumo Stories is on a mission to unearth, publish, promote, and distribute the best of genre fiction by brilliant African writers and master storytellers.

Genre fiction has been pushed to the sidelines in the Nigerian literary industry for far too long. “Before now, I would worry about my books getting published—my science fiction,” says Obinna Ezeodili, Co-Founder of Agbalumo Stories. “This was a problem for me, and it drained the thrill of writing the genres I wanted to write, threatening to quench the fire. I couldn’t tell the stories I wanted to tell because I couldn’t find the channel to share them—for what value does a story have if it can’t be shared? This eventually led to the birth of Agbalumo Stories.”

Agbalumo Stories creates platform, a home, for many other writers of genre fiction who have always struggled to find where they belong amongst publishers in Nigeria. We rise to the challenge and we seek to set a high standard that readers can enjoy, while embracing manuscripts that have suffered multiple rejections due to non-conformity to mainstream fiction. Agbalumo Stories is committed to publishing stories that have long been waved to the backseat, giving these authors new confidence to tell their stories. 

We aim to bring the spotlight home, while showcasing an unexplored part of storytelling. Deserving writers now have a chance at having their books published, regardless of the genre they write in. With Agbalumo stories, greatness does not have to be tucked away in drafts or hidden in brown nameless computer files. It can now shine in paperbacks. 

Agbalumo Stories was founded in 2022 with the simple achievable goal of getting stories published and into the hands of readers. We aim to see the best stories on shelves in local and international bookstores, and in the hands of its beautiful readers. 

Agbalumo Stories is officially open to submissions. The independent publishing house is currently accepting manuscripts of genre fiction above 40,000 words. Short story anthologies are also welcomed.

Dust those drafts, tidy up your craft, turn in your manuscripts, and keep your fingers crossed. 

For more information, kindly email Agbalumo Stories via, or visit the website:

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