Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria In 2022

Health Insurance companies in Nigeria

Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria—The deprived state of the Nigerian health care system has resulted to several catastrophic circumstances that has led to incessant call for health care development.

Ranging from poor health facilities, few health care professionals and officials, shortage of drugs among many other notable factors that have contributed immensely to this deprived situation of health care system in Nigeria.

This has led to the advent of health insurance companies in Nigeria. The rise of health insurance companies in Nigeria has helped to tackle this situation— at least to a point, thereby providing more access to a better health care system in Nigeria.

Before we commence on the list of the best health insurance companies in Nigeria, let us consider the meaning of health insurance, what health insurance companies in Nigeria really entails and the opportunities that are or might be available to these who apply for the services of these health insurance companies in Nigeria.

Meaning Of Health Insurance In Nigeria

Health Insurance is a type of insurance companies in Nigeria that provides health coverage and services in order to ensure more easier access to health care in Nigeria. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly.

Their major goals is to allow easier and faster accessibility to health care services in Nigeria, irrespective of several underlying factors.

What Health Insurance In Nigeria Entails

Like the saying, Health Is Wealth! We live in a society where almost every thing we do affect our health. To maintain how health, we definitely need a sustainable health facilities, health officials and money to receive these health services.

Now imagine, theres no money to pay for these health services? This is where health insurance companies in Nigeria come in.
They allow you to pay a certain amount of money depending on a particular rate and the plan you subscribe to. Now, once you are in need of a medical treatment, they’ll be the one to pay the medical bills instead of you.

This has in one way or the other helped to alleviate terrible unforeseen circumstances that are related to medical treatment. Now, with these health insurance companies in Nigeria, you don’t have to pay for your medical bills once you already apply for their services.

Now with these insurance companies in Nigeria, you can have the health of your household safely insured.

Benefits Of Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria

The introduction of health insurance by these health insurance companies in Nigeria has served a lot of benefits with some already mentioned above. Some of the other notable benefits of these healthcare insurance companies in Nigeria are:

  • It helps to alleviate worsened health condition
  • It helps to provide measures for unforeseen medical circumstances
  • It allows easy accessibility to health care facilities and services

Now, let’s consider the list of the best insurance companies in Nigeria in 2022.

List Of Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria

1. AXA Mansard Health Insurance

AXA Mansard is reagrded as the best health insurance companies in Nigeria. They were awarded as the best health insurance company in 2021. They have several types of health coverage available to users and also have a broad access to almost 400 health services providers in Nigeria.

In addition, AXA Mansard Health Insurance company has a trained professionals that provides a 24-hour available call service. They also provide HMO plans and individual plans for families.

These health service providers consist of hospitals, dentists and eye clinics. Hence, their coverage is top-notch.

2. LeadWay Health Insurance

LeadWay Assurance is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria that provides multi insurance services to people in Nigeria. Through an associate company, Total Health Trust Limited, they have been able to manage their health insurance coverage.

LeadWay is a trustworthy company, who has gained the trust of its customers through their convenient way of offering services. They offer three health insurance coverage plan— Gold, Silver and Platinum.

3. Avon Healthcare Limited

Another best health insurance company in Nigeria is Avon Healthcare Limited. They are one of the most trusted HMOs that has been operating since 2013. They allow low and average income earners to have easy access to healthcare services with a minimal financial burden placed on them.

AVON HMO offer services to individuals, couples, families, SME and small groups, companies and large group and other international companies.

4. Clearline Health Insurance

Clearline Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies in Nigeria incorporated in January 1994. To ensure their competence and valid operation, they are registered in accordance with the Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme.

They offer several types of health insurance in Nigeria, which includes: corporate health plan, family health plan and individual health plan.

Their cost is quite affordable, in addition to their network of more than 2000 hospital that partner with them across Nigeria.

5. Hygeia Health Insurance

Hygeia Health Insurance is one the reputable health insurance companies in Nigeria that helps members to have adequate and quality access to healthcare at a subsidized cost. They offer various plans that include individuals, family, senior citizens, pregnant women, SME, gym among many other.

The health insurance company was established in 1986 and since then has been recognized for the competence in delivering first class health insurance services to several people and classes in Nigeria

It aims to improve the health sector in Nigeria by constantly adapting to the changing and complex needs of members and clients.

6. HCI Health Insurance

Another Health Insurance company in Nigeria worthy of this list is the HCI Health Insurance. They provide health insurance for different categories of people.

Their plans include Retail Health Insurance Plan, Corporate Health Insurance Plan, Senior Citizens Health Insurance Plan, Informal Sector Health Insurance Plan, International Health Insurance Plan.


Health Insurance companies in Nigeria has been a suitable solution to tackle the problems of healthcare system in Nigeria. With their plans and additions to different classes of people in the society, it creates room for application.

Noteworthy, the health insurance companies in Nigeria mentioned and described above are not particularly in any order or mode of ranking. They are classified as competent insurance companies that offer the best services to their clients.

Hence, to know more information about each Insurance company, you an reach out to them via their websites or their offices. On their websites, there’s a contact option for those who would like to deal with them and inquire more about their service plans.

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