Best Life Insurance Companies In South Africa 2022

Life insurance companies in South Africa 2022

Life Insurance Companies In South Africa — Life insurance is one of the insurance products mostly sought out for by prospective insurance policy holders. In this part of the continent, there are several life insurance companies in South Africa that offer quality life insurance products.

This list of best life insurance companies in South Africa gives a short introduction on each insurance company mentioned. Also, a short details on the services or product they offer under this category.

But first, what is life insurance?

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance policy is a contractual agreement between a policyholder and an insurance company. The insurance company is the insurer who promises to pay an appointed beneficiary a sum of money, upon the death of the policyholder. The policyholder in exchange for this service pays a premium.

It is a necessary insurnace type, most especially for those who intends to get their families financially secured after their deaths.

Life Insurance Companies In South Africa

In South Africa , there are several insurance companies out there. Have a sneek peek on our selected list.

1. Absa Insurance Company Limited

Absa Insurance Company limited is one of prestigious Insurance companies in South Africa that offers life insurance products, as well as other insurance products.

Other insurance products they offer are Funeral, Car & home, Credit Protection, Travel, My will, trust & estate, My legal needs and Deceased Estates.

2. African Unity Life Insurance Limited

African Unity Life
(AUL)insurance limited strive for the financial inclusion of everyone in our target market. They offer a variety of affordable insurance products to everyone who seeks superb value and an amazing client experience.

The products they offer are life insurance, health insurance, funeral cover, business cover, credit life cover and travel insurance covers.

3. Auto General Insurance Company

Auto General is one of the life insurance companies in South Africa, as well as, auto insurance such as vehicle insurance. These insurance covers for any loss or damage in respect of the cover vehicles.

In addition, they also offer other insurance products like Home and Personal Insurance, Value Added Products, Brokers and Business Insurance.

4. Alexander Forbes Investment Limited

Alexander Forbes is committed to acting in the best interest of all beneficiaries of unclaimed benefits. Their insurance products are health insurance, life insurance and products related to wills.

5. Assupol

Assupol is a proudly South African life insurance company with a history. They offer affordable products that are easy to understand and give people peace of mind when they need it most. Whether you’re looking for life cover, funeral cover, savings products or a retirement annuity, trust Assupol to put your needs first.

They provide funeral, life, savings and retirement products and services to South Africans from every walk of life

It should be noted however, that this list shouldn’t be considered a professional list. If you are interested in being a policy holder to any of the life insurance companies on the list, you are advised to research further on their products and services.


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