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Ynxg ka

Imagine That by That Yxng Ka is from the artiste’s ep that was released in 2020, titled “Baby Reaper”. The Imagine That track is the fourth on the 7 EP tracklist.

Imagine That by Yxng Ka Lyrics

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, yessir

[Verse 1]
If you ever looked down on me
I’ma make sure that you feelin’ me, yeah
I know they wanna get rid of me, yeah (Ooh)
I can feel the energy, yeah
I’m watching out for all the enemies, yeah
We match your smoke like it’s symmetry (Ooh)
We was just trapping, got memories
Mixing my feelings with drugs, no chemistry
They think I been rappin’, I’m new to the industry
Ain’t no lettin’ up, bitch, you gotta be kidding me
I’m in a rush and they been at a different speed
Catch up please
Don’t say I changed ’cause I’m better (Ooh)
We was just down in the gutter (Yeah)
They know I’m not like the others (Mm-mm)
I won’t be vibin’ with niggas who not on the same thing
I gotta run up that money and maintain (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Don’t know what’s been goin’ on
Tell me if I’m moving wrong
I’m up late nights tryna make these songs
Could’ve left you hangin’ but I brought you along

[Verse 2]
That was my mistake, I guess my love too strong
Blind to all your flaws, ain’t see you doing me wrong
I won’t reach out for your love, been had this shit on my own
Why would you cross that line knowing you was dead wrong?
That nigga punk me like we got some problems with gettin’ his head gone
Fuck it, they watching my moves, I’m so out of range, they can’t come
Sometimes I’m not in the mood, but for no reason my head blown
Can’t put my trust into you, you might leave me in the dead zone
Couch you in the basement, no bedroom
My foot on they necks and it’s dead on
I am not feeling your vibe, gotta head on
You niggas best give me some legroom
No kicking shit, they don’t wanna see my legs on
I heard they turnin’ they shade on
I’m heated, I’m turnin’ my rage on
They want me to break out the cage on ’em
Cool under pressure, I’m lead on ’em
Fuck niggas, I’m getting paid on ’em
They never catching me hate on ’em
Them shooters on deck, I ain’t catching a fade on ’em
They made a left, I went straight on ’em
Turning shit up, why the fuck would I wait on ’em? (Ooh)
Fuck ’round and drive the V8 on ’em (Ooh)
I know they don’t wan’ see me skate on ’em
This weed got me booted, I keep going stupid, I been gettin’ to it
Fuck nigga, I could show you how to do it
They know I pursue it, they feelin’ my music
I was gon’ make it out, you niggas knew it
I tried to start niggas out but niggas blew it
I wear my heart on my sleeves, I been through it
Not looking for love, that shit be confusin’
Don’t know what’s been going on
Tell me if I’m moving wrong

Don’t know what’s been goin’ on
Tell me if I’m moving wrong
I’m up late nights tryna make these songs
Could’ve left you hangin’ but I brought you along

I brought you along
I guess my love too strong


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