Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme

Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme: How To Apply

Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme is a programme committed to ensure that the Lagos State citizens have easy access to quality health care and other health related services without being vulnerable to financial incapacity.

Just like the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme offers the same medical support within its state.

This financial support is available to the people without any restriction in respect of gender, economic status or locations. Every person is regarded as having the same right to this government financial opportunity.

What Does Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme Cover?

Following its aim to achieve its goals in relation to health insurance, the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme covers enrollees and their dependants primary healthcare services at the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme Health Centres with basic outpatient care, treatment of common ailments, provision of prescribed essential medicines, health education, short-stay admissions, immunization, maternity care, normal delivery.

All these benefits and packages are geared to ensuring sustainable development and growth to health care and healthcare system in the state.

How Much Is The Registration Fee For Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme?

To register for the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme, the enrollees are required to prepay a premium of N1200.00 per family of six persons per month or N600.00 per person per month.

The payment is to ensure that every registered person has access to the services provided for at the facility.

Services Offered By The Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme.

The Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme offers the Healthcare Provider (PPP model) which ensures services are available on a 24-hour basis at the CBHIS Healthcare Centres which is being managed by contracted private health care practitioners.

The responsibility of these specialized practitioners is to staff and stock the facility with drugs and medical consumables.

However, other members of the health insurance scheme requiring services outside the scope of the benefit package are referred to the nearest State owned secondary care facility.

At these facilities, they will be entitled to a 25% discount on care received by those who fall outside the coverage of the State’s Free Health Scheme.

In addition to several opportunities provided by the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme, ambulance services for emergencies are available by the health centre’s LGA/LCDA ambulance services or via the Lagos State Ambulance Service.

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