(NHIS Nigeria) National Health Insurance Scheme: How To Apply


(NHIS Nigeria) National Health Insurance Scheme is one of the few insurance schemes that are operating in Nigeria. This in one way or the other has contributed immensely to health care in the country, and has also help to adequately take the necessary measures against unforeseen medical circumstances.

In that light, we will be considering the following:

  • What Is NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme)
  • What Is The Concept Of National Health Insurance Scheme
  • How Much Do I Pay For NHIS
  • How Much Is NHIS Registration Fee In Nigeria?
  • Methods Of Payment Under The Health Insurance Schemes In Nigeria
  • How To NHIS Online Registration
  • What Is The Benefit Of National Health Insurance Scheme?
  • Who Does NHIS Cover In Nigeria?

What Is National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

National Health Insurance Scheme is a public insurance programme that is designed and adopted by the Federal Government Of Nigeria to ensure easy access to healthcare and to improve the healthcare system in Nigeria.

The National Health Insurance Scheme is founded with the purpose of financing the health sector and bringing healthcare closer to the people, most especially the low income earners.

Although the National Health Insurance Scheme was officially launched in 2005 to enhance the health status of citizens through the provision of financial support and protection, it has only been able to serve only about 4 percentage of the estimated total population of 170 million people.

The Concept Of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

This is a reiteration of what national Health Insurance Scheme stands for and what they aim to achieve. Its aim is directed towards the low income earners who might be struggling with the payment of medical bills, or might be unable to go for medical check-up or treatment due to financial incapability.

Hence, with the introduction of the national health insurance scheme, the problems could be averted and better health care opportunities may be provided for the beneficiaries.

The National Health Insurance Scheme therefore helps to ensure a guaranteed pool of funds for health and also improve the efficiency of management of health resources.

Also, to protect the people of Nigeria against the catastrophic expenditure for health in the country.

How Much Do I Pay For NHIS?

Under the national health insurance scheme, the amount or rate of money you pay practically depends on the earnings. This is represented by the 15% of the employee’s basic salary out of which the employee pays 5% and the employer pays the rest.

How Much Is NHIS Registration Fee In Nigeria?

The National Health Insurance Scheme— NHIS registration fee for parents and their children is N9,000. However, the cost applies per person and not by household.

For individual plans, private healthcare providers usually charge between N35,000 and N220,000 for while family plans range from N125,000 to N650,000.

Methods Of Payment Under The Insurance Schemes In Nigeria

There are several means of payment available, they are:

Payment through OOP; meaning Out-of-pocket. This method of payment under the insurance schemes in Nigeria is primarily associated with the poor standard and non utilization of healthcare services among other underlying factors.

Under this particular method of payment, individuals and households are predisposed to finish their personal savings, loan or borrow money and sometimes pay by installments— although the latter is only available when it is actually permitted.

The other type of payment available for people under the insurance scheme is prepayment through health insurance.

How To Do NHIS Online Registration

To do the national health insurance scheme online registration, visit the official website of the organization by inputing the following web address into your browser search “nhisonline.com.ng”.

Following that, fill your name, date of birth, and NHIS in the provided spaces to register for the nhis online.

After the completion of the nhis online registration, you will be able to manage your account and see the information of your dependants.

What Is The Benefit Of The National Health Insurance Scheme

The national health insurance scheme is beneficial to the enrolled members as the scheme allows them to enjoy several benefits and services such as hospital care (limited to only 15 days in a year and admission in the general ward), outpatient care, pharmaceutical care as in NHIS essential drug list, diagnostic tests as in NHIS diagnostic test list, maternal care among many other health benefits.

Other notable benefits of the national health insurance scheme are:

  • It helps to alleviate worsened health condition
  • It helps to provide measures for unforeseen medical circumstances
  • It allows easy accessibility to health care facilities and services

Who Does NHIS Cover In Nigeria?

The national health insurance scheme programme covers employees in the formal sector both in the public and the organized private sectors. It is available every organization with ten (10) or more employees.

Also, it is available to Individual voluntary contributors desiring to access the NHIS Standard Benet Package

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