Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose? 6 Common Reasons

cat biting nose

Why does my cat bite my nose? Cats are known to communicate in several ways that may atimes seem comical, challenging or totally weird in an unexpected way. So, if your cat bite your nose, it’s more probable for you to see it as something strange, especially as a new cat owners.

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But this sudden behaviours can mean different things and generate from several factors. So, if you are in this position and you continuously question yourself “why does my cat bite my nose?” There’s really no need to get agitated.

This reaction from your cat does not necessarily mean it’s being aggressive. Interestingly, it might be the opposite.

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For instance, if your cat bite you then lick me, it might be requesting for your attention or try to groom you. The same theory is applicable to your cat biting your nose.

Other body cues can also point you in the right direction in order to decipher the meaning such nose bite from your nose. Hence, we absolutely have some range of options to consider here as to why does my cat bite my nose.

Now, let’s look further into why your cat bite your nose and the easiest possible way to stop such behaviour.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose?

There are several explanations to why your cat behave the way it behaves. Here are some of the common reasons.

1. Your Cat is Just Being Playful

Cats can be clumsy sometimes, especially when they are playing with their owners. They can be mouthy and scratchy when they are in the mood to play. Hence, in most situations, if your cat bite your nose, they are just meaning to play with you.

2. Showing Affection

Another possible explanation to such behaviours is that your cat is trying to reciprocate affection. Biting is one of the very ways cats communicate. If you are quite the observant type, you’ll notice that when cats play with each other, they tend to lick and bite themselves. This might be the same thing that is happening.

Hence, it is a positive sign.

3. Giving A Warning

Animals also need their space sometimes. Thus, their supposed behaviour might be to let you know that you are invading their privacy. After biting your nose, they subsequent action might be to growl or hiss at you.

Obviously, cats can’t speak and one of the very ways they can communicate to let you know of their privacy invasion is by biting. Remember that animals have boundaries, too. Sometimes, they aren’t in the mood for attention. Cats are firm believers in consent. If they don’t want to be pet right then, your best bet is to listen to their body language.

4. Marking You.

Your act may be marking you by biting your nose. So much like rubbing you with their chin and cheeks. Through this, your cat might be leaving their scent on you. This is to mark their territory and let other cats know or earn them that you belong to it.

With cats having glands in their cheeks, laws and flanks, they can easily rub it in other objects or creatures to indicate marking.

Hence, your cats biting your nose doesn’t really pose any problem in this stance.

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5. Cat Grooming

Your cat can lick you or bite your nose while in the grooming process. They might consider you as a bigger cat. Moreover, grooming is generally considered as a positive sign of binding between the cat and its owner.

Hence, It is quite normal for cats to bite your nose while grooming.. This happens when they can’t quite get something off their fur or wanted to scratch an itch.

6. Soothe You

Cats biting your nose may also mean that they want to soothe you.


Our cats can communicate with us in so many ways. Once you get to know your feline, it might be easy to decipher their sometimes off behavior. But if nose biting is a repeating event that’s relatively new, you might need some help decoding.

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