Why Does My Dog Stare At The Wall? See 6 Reasons and Advice

Why does my dog stare

There are several plausible reasons as to why dogs depicts some seemingly strange behaviours, one of which is staring blankly at the wall. This begs the question, why does my dog stare at the wall?

As stated earlier, dogs are creatures with variety of strange behaviours that are likely to seem odd to most people. While these behaviours might lead to suspect, some of the causes are normal for some valid reasons while some might be as a result of a problem that requires treatment.

To drive to the major causes, that is, why does my dog stare at the wall, let’s consider some notions ordinary people have concerning this behaviour.


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Is There A Ghost or Something In The Wall?

If you watch movies a lot, this might be the nearest reason to resort to. A number of times, movies have depicted that this strange behaviours of dogs staring at the wall is because they sighted a ghost or something strange in the wall.

Ordinarily, dogs’ears are quite effective and sensitive more than humans. This makes them to easily pick up sounds without our realizations. As result, this might be the answer to your question as to why does my dog stare at the wall. Due to their sensitive ears, they might be picking up sounds from crickets, termites and other insects.

Why does my dog stare at the wall?— Is it a ghost? Scary!

Obviously, it isn’t. Despite the fact that it is a general beliefs that dogs are sensitive to supernatural things or entities, such speculation is not outrightly true. Hence, it’s best to remove that from your options of possible causes as to why does my dog stare at the wall.

Now, let’s consider the possible causes why dogs stare at the wall!

6 Reasons As To Why Does My Dog Stare At The Wall

1. It Heard Something

Your dog is more likely to straw intermittently at the wall just because it heard something. As elucidated earlier, dogs hearing prowess allow them to hear things that we might not hear. Such as tiny insects or crickets scrubbing or scratching in a wall.

If it is a pest problem, call on pest control to take control of it.

2. It Sighted Something

When we added this to one of the causes as to why does my dog stare at the wall, we weren’t talking about ghosts.

Dogs can also sight insects crawling, saw some shining lights and others. This might get their attention or a but confused while they stare at it to decipher the meaning.

You can watch where your dog is staring, you may find the reason for the stare.

3. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Your dog might be staring at the wall as a result of condition called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, otherwise known as doggy dementia. This condition causes dogs to do illogical things. For instance, dogs will bark for no apparent reason, urinate in the house despite being housebroken, and even stare at walls.

Hence, if this behaviour of the dog is persistent, as well as lacking logical explanation, visit your vet for treatments. Also, there are some supplements and diets that contain ingredients that help dogs with doggy dementia.

4. A Compulsive Behavior

There are some compulsive behaviors that dogs might indulge into. Behaviours such as Licking, barking, flank sucking, circling, pacing, and even staring at a specific spot can become a habitual or compulsive behavior for a dog.

Hence, this might also be a logical explanation as to why does my dog stare at the wall.

Compulsive behaviors are bad habits that don’t result in any type of reward for a dog, yet they continue to do it. Licking, barking, flank sucking, circling, pacing, and even staring at a specific spot can become a habitual or compulsive behavior for a dog. This behavior can have a genetic predisposition, but thankfully staring at a wall doesn’t usually have any sort of negative consequences.

5. Seizures

Seizures are another reasons to jump on when the topic, why does my dog stare at the wall comes around.

Contrary to the general opinions, seizures are not always an uncontrollable shaking and loss of consciousness. It could also be focal or partial seizure. So, in relation to your dog staring at the wall, a partial seizure can cause your dog to freeze while standing up and then stare into the space.

This in some situation may appear as if it’s staring at the wall. If this seizure continues, you should visit your vet.

6. Your Dog Is Seeking Attention

Your dog’s behaviours may be one of its ways to get your attention. To avoid reinforcing this type of behavior, make sure your dog doesn’t get the attention when it exhibit this behaviours.

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