Why does my dog stare into space
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Why Does My Dog Stare Into Space?

Dogs staring into space or at the wall is
something that might raise concerns or even lead us to consider it as a big problem. But then, why does my dog do that? Why does my dog stare into space?

There are several reasons as to why dogs exhibit this strange behaviours. Just like cats, these behaviours may be borne out of mere familiarity or attention seeking or in serious situation, one that requires a vet diagnosis.

Below are some of the reasons to consider as to why does my dog stare into space.


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7 Reasons: Why Does My Dog Stare Into Space?

1. Seizure

Although, seizures are often associated to human beings. Dogs are also likely to experience this. Seizures in dogs are associated with dramatic symptoms like frothing at the mouth and convulsions but the less dramatic symptom is staring into space. This is called focal or partial seizure

Unlike the normal seizure, focal or normal seizure is quite hard to diagnose and could result to your dog staring blankly into space or at the wall.

Hence, if this behaviour of your dog staring at the wall persists, consider visiting the vet for treatments.

2. It Heard Something

Due to the hearing prowess of dogs, compared to humans they have great hearing power- they have a different acoustic perception of the world. Your dog may tilt head and starts staring at one place. For instance, it might hear crickets or other insects scratching the wall. So, your dog may try to figure out what is going on and hence continue to stare into space.

3. Eyesight Problem

Vision problem could also be one of the reasons why your dog stare into space. Just like human beings, it’s more reasonable for dogs that have vision problem to stare at something in order to see it. Hence, you panicking about why does my dog stare into space might not be much of a problem.

4. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction(CCD)

This is otherwise known as doggy dementia. This medical condition may cause them to freeze and stare into space. According to NCBI, 60% of old dogs get dementia.

Hence, this condition may cause your dog to exhibit some strange behaviours such as disorientation, apathetic behavior, anxiousness, scared, loss of memory, etc.

5. Disorientation Due To Infection (UTI)

This is another reason for the behaviour. Symptoms of disorientation includes head tremors and the following:

  • Tilting of head
  • Unable to stand
  • Darting eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Motion sickness
  • Rolling and falling

When a dog has UTI or urinary tract infection, it could feel disoriented and if not treated on time, this UTI can lead to cystitis which is an infection of the urinary bladder. Due to this, the dog will feel to urinate too often.

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