Why Does My Ear Hurt When I Wake Up? 6 Reasons For Earache and How To Treat It

Waking up pain

It’s more likely to ponder on why does my ear hurt when I wake up and ask yourself some of these several questions— is it something serious? Do I need to consider seeing a professional? Or is it just a minor pain or strain that will go overtime? These are just mere assumptions gathered without any absolute confirmation of what the actual problem to why does your ear hurt when you wake up.

Also, find out if some strange behaviours from your cats requires further attention—it could be more serious!

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Irrespective of these assumptions, there are some common possible causes to why your ear hurt when you wake up.

Earache can occur due to some ear problems such as an earwax blockage or infection, which can therefore cause discomfort in the morning.

Although earache is common among children, adults can also have similar problem.

Obviously, earache is something no one would like to experience, but then, in most cases,it poses no serious threat.

Below are some of the common possible causes to why does my ear hurt when I wake up. Noteworthy, the guides provided below are not to be seriously taken as a medical advice or a diagnosis from a properly trained health care provider.

Why Does My Ear Hurt When I Wake Up?

1. Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is one of the trivial causes to why you ear hurt when you wake up, most especially in the morning. Technically, if you sleep on your side, it’s more probable that you might be compressing the cartilage in your ear against the pillow or the surface you sleep on.

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Sleeping in such position could lead to soreness. This poses no threat.

This seems to be certainly the cause to why does your ear hurt when you wake up if the pain goes away after changing the sleeping position.

2. EarWax

Earwax is another possible cause to cause when you have earache when you wake up.

What is Earwax? And why could it be the cause to why does my ear hurt when I wake up?

Earwax is a natural substance that is secreted by natural glands in the ear. It prevents water, dust or any sand particles then accumulates for a while. After a small amount of it accumulates, it then dries and falls off the ear with the dust or sand particles.

And to why it could be the cause to your earache when you wake up? As stated earlier, this wax is gotten rid off by the ear, however, if this cleaning process doesn’t work well as it should. The wax builds up, hardens and then get your ear canal blocked.

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This could outrightly cause ear pain when you wake up.

To get rid of the pain, you can treat the ear at home with over-the-counter drops that makes the wax in the ear soften and naturally drain.

This is more advisable because using other method such as cotton swabs or pointed objects could push the wax further into your ear canal or even get you injured or infected.

After removing the wax, you should feel more relaxed in the morning instead of pondering still on why does my ear hurt when I wake you.

3. Middle Ear Infection

The tubes in your middle ear can be blocked due to cold, some typical allergies or infection.

Thus, when fluid builds up and gets infected, this is called otitis nedia— and it’s one of the common possible causes of ear pain.

Such ear pain can be felt when you wake up. You can consult your doctor for this if the pain persists

Other Causes To Why Does My Ear Hurt When I Wake up

There are other several causes to why your ear hurt when you wake up. In fact, the pain might not necessarily be felt when you wake up in the morning. It might be during the working hours, when you’re busy with work, studying or getting on with your busy schedule.

Hence, if your ear pain persist for hours after waking up— the following might be one of the causes to consider.

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Other Part Of The Body

Your ear can hurt you when in fact the pain is not directly from the ear. It might be from toothache as a result of the nerves in your face and neck.

Thus, tooth abscesses, cavities, and impacted molars also can cause you ear pain.

Ear Infections

If the ear pain persists for days, it is recommended you visit your specialist for diagnosis. This is because you might be suffering from an ear infection.

For instance, if your ear pain occurs with a severe sore throat, it is most likely tonsillitis or pharyngitis.

Some other ear pain may pose serious threat such as tumors or infections cellulitis or shingles.

What To Do If My Ear Pain Persists For Days.

If you have used several recommended home treatment for ear pain and the pain refuses to go, it’s more recommended that you visit your specialist. Your specialist will run a diagnosis to find the exact cause of problem.

What Does Ear My Cartilage Hurt When I Wake Up?— What To Do

If you experience ear pain in morning when you wake up, it most likely just because of the way you slept. You might have slept soundly on your ear and compressed some of the cartilage in it.

This poses no problem if you change your sleeping position. If this ear hurt when you wake up persists, you can consider some of the initial method advised above.

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