Why Does My Jaw Hurt? 11 Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Of Jaw Pain

Why does my jaw hurt

There are some reasons as to why does my jaw hurt. Normally, jaw pain is a condition that could affects one’s usual ability to eat, speak, yawn as well as do other mouth activities. As a result, there are some common causes that are often attributed to jaw pain.

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Many things can cause jaw pain or discomfort which alternately makes it quite difficult sometimes to speak with certainty what the cause of the pain is. Due to this, we will be considering some possible causes of jaw pain, some medical and home that you can consider using, as well as some symptoms that could allow you to identify with specificity what the cause of your jaw pain is.

What Is Jaw Pain?

To resolve this question, that is, “why does my jaw hurt?” There is a need to have a more clear understanding about jaw pain.

Jaw pain is when you feel some discomfort or sensational pain in your jaw. This pain could signify something more serious than just a toothache. This is because the jawbone is technically connected to the skull at a pair of joint and they allow you to open and close your mouth at your own will.

This pair of joint is called the Temporomandibular Joints. This could also be the cause to consider as to why does my jaw hurt if there is a disorder in these temporomandibular joints.

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Why Does My Jaw Hurt? Common Causes Of Jaw Pain

There are several things that could affect your jaw and cause it to ache or pain you at the slightest movement. In such light, we will be considering some of the common causes of jaw pain.

1. Temporomandibular Joints Disorder (TMD)

The most common cause of jaw pain is the Temporomandibular Joints Disorder otherwise stated as TMD. As stated earlier, the pair of jaw point that are connected to the skull are called the Temporomandibular Joints and they helps majorly in performing the necessary mouthy activities.

This easy movement of the jaw can be slightly difficult if you are suffering from disorder in these joints.

Noteworthy, it is reported that about 1 in 8 people may suffer from TMD and several things could be the cause.

The common causes of TMJ disorder are:
  1. Jaw joint injury
  2. Excess stimulation of the jaw joint
  3. Displaced disc that usually helps cushion the movements of the jaw
  4. Illness or condition like joint inflammation. Otherwise called arthritis.
  5. Damage to the jaw joint or the muscles
  6. Teeth Grinding or bruxism caused by stress or anxiety at night.

Considering the fact that TMJ disorder is the most common causes to why does my jaw hurt, it’s quite important to take note of some of the symptoms. This could give you a heads-up as to the severity of your oral condition.

The symptoms of TMJ disorders are:
  1. Clicking sound or popping sensation when you open your mouth
  2. Pain or ache around your ears, face, or jaw
  3. Headaches and migraines
  4. Ringing in your ears
  5. Dizziness
  6. Problems with vision
  7. Jaw pain when you yawn, eat or talk
  8. Jaw locking

2. Trauma

Trauma or injury can also cause your jaw to hurt. Typically, a blow or knock on the jaw can cause either swelling, pain, knocked out teeth or bruises.

This kind of jaw pain can be easily relived using some recommended home treatments or medications. However, If the pain persists, you should consider seeking for medical care.

3. Cluster Headaches

This is considered as one of the most painful types of headaches that happen in certain patterns or often within a short amount of time and could also effect your jaw to hurt.

Cluster headaches can cause you to feel pain not only in your jaw but also around your eyes.

Cluster headaches can cause serious pain on one side of the head that could cause you to wake up at night.

4. Dental problems

Technically, if you ponder earnestly on why does my jaw hurt, this first thing that would come to your mind is dental problem. You might be right.

Jaw pain can also be caused by some teeth issues. Some of these issues are:

  • Cavity or abscess
  • Cracked, crowded or pressured teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Teeth grinding or clenching.

5. Sinus

Sinus problem could also be the reasons as to why does my jaw hurt. Sinuses are typically air-filled cavities located close to the jaw joint. Thus, if the sinuses become infected with a germ, this can result to excess of mucus that would later put pressure on the jaw joint, thereby, causing your jaw to hurt.

6. Jaw Joint problems

A type of arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis could also attack your temporomandibular joints and cause your jaw to hurt.

Thus type of arthritis is an autoimmune disease, that is, your body mistakenly attacks healthy tissues and cause then to swell up. That could damage the cartilage that keeps your jaw moving smoothly and cause it to stiff and sore.

7. Diseases and Infections

Diseases and infection are not out of the causes to why does my jaw hurt. Diseases and bacterial infections such as mumos and Tetanus can cause your jaw muscle to feel tight and stiff.

8. Heart attack

Often, heart attack seems to be our of the “why does my jaw hurt” causes. But then, it may also signal a probable heart attack. This is because the pain that starts near a cluster of nerves, like your heart, can be felt someplace else on the body. This type of pain is called referred pain.

Hence, for some people, jaw pain may be the only symptom of a heart attack. Also, it could be a sign of other joint problems like the lower back.

9. Trigeminal neuralgia

This painful condition can happen when a blood vessel presses against the trigeminal nerve, which carries messages to your brain from your face. It can also be caused by multiple sclerosis.

This usually affects one side of your jaw or cheek and can feel like a stabbing pain or a jolt of electricity. The pain can also be so severe that it keeps you from being able to eat or drink.

10. Osteomyelitis

Let’s also consider this as one of the common cause as to why does my jaw hurt.
This is an infection that affects the jawbone and if not treated, can cut off be blood supply to the damage. In worst situations, permanently damage the bone tissue.

11. Tumors or cysts

These are growths in your jawbone or the soft tissues in your mouth and face. Sometimes called odontogenic tumors and cysts, they’re not often cancerous, but they can grow quickly and affect your teeth. In most cases, surgery is recommended to take them out.

How Can I Relieve My Jaw Pain?

To find solutions to why does my jaw hurt, the treatment will depends on the exact cause. Irrespective of this, there are things that can help with jaw pain or discomfort.

  1. Resting your jaw
  2. Reduce stress or anxiety
  3. Pain medicine such as analgesic
  4. Dietry changes to ease the jaw. For instance avoid chewy foods and caffeine
  5. Massage or exercises that stretches the jaw muscles.
  6. Application of cold packs for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day
  7. Ultrasound (high-powered sound waves) to help with pain and swelling.
  8. Botjox injections
  9. Mouth guards
  10. Jaw surgery
How Do I Know If My Jaw Pain Is Serious?

If your jaw hurt and persists for a long time, it might be more than just a toothache. And if some of the aforementioned symptoms shows, then it could be a serious case of jaw pain that will require a medical treatment.

Prompt treatment with antibiotics can help prevent serious complications, so it’s important to get medical care if you have any of the symptoms.

Why Does My Jaw Joint Hurt On One Side?

More often than not, pain on one side of your jaw is linked to a dental problem like cavities, an abscess, wisdom teeth, gum disease, missing or misaligned teeth, or clenching and grinding. Others causes are some of the mentioned causes of ” why does my jaw hurt” article.

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