Lonely Mouth Newtown Permanently Closed

Lonely Mouth

The popular lonely mouth newtown, a plant based ramen diner in Newton, Australia disclosed their decision to permanently closed down the diner due to some challenges that underlies the operation of the small diner. The slated date was June 19 and since the lapse of the date, Lonely Mouth Newtown has been permanently closed.

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The decision to close down the lonely mouth newtown diner was disclosed by Katie Shortland, a co-owner, stating that the closedown was due to staff shortages and the widespread challenges post covid. Lonely mouth opened the street diner during a time that poses a general threat to all businesses. This was during the covid period in March 2020, few weeks before the country went into its first lockdown.

“Lonely Mouth launched in the former Oscillate Wildly space on Australia Street in Newtown, breaking new ground with an entirely plant-based menu that got the tick of approval from the Japanese ramen masters who gave Rara its original pork-broth tonkotsu recipe”—as described by Broadsheet.

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Katie Shortland stated further that the closure of Lonely Mouth Newtown means that can protect their other stores in Redfern, Randwick, South Eveleigh and Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

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