Why Does My Cat Bite Me Then Lick Me? 8 Reasons For This Behavior

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“why does my cat bite me then lick me?“— This question as simple as it seems might be strange to new cat owners. If you are a cat owner who is bothered about your cat biting and licking you. And you kept on asking yourself the same question due to these strange behaviours recently exhibited by your cat, there’s definitely nothing to worry about.

Take a deep breath!

Generally, cats are loving and mysterious creatures, whose behaviours sometimes might appear strange or enigmatic to us. To most people, this behaviour of cats biting and licking you can be perceived differently. To some, their cats biting might be regarded as an aggressive act, while licking might be perceived as an expressive act of affection. While others might conceive the behaviours of cats biting and licking as utterly strange yet lovable.

But then, it gets more strange when your cats do both persistently, that is, when you cats bite and lick you— most especially the spot. It is really weird, right?

So what does this strange behaviours mean?

While we may have a sudden, erratic explanations for such behaviours, such expressive acts of your cat biting and licking you may mean entirely different things to your cat. As a result, we will be considering some of the possible reasons and answers to the question “why does my cat bite me then lick me?”

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But first, let’s consider how cats often show affection.

How Cats Show Affection

Cats are certainly perceived as one of the most creatures to have as pets—if not the cutest. Their grooming behaviours which is usually exhibited by cuddling, licking and rubbing of their bodies on their owners makes them even lovable.

It’s evident in cats’ nature, once they pick a person as their owners, they tend to show several acts that depict their affections toward their owners. Although, the ways of showing these acts depends on the nature of the cats, there are some common behaviours of the cats that are quite consistent.

These behaviours can be easily depicted as an act of affection.

Here are some of the acts that your cat is showing affection:

  • If your cat sits on your chest and rub his jaw and mouth on your skin
  • If your cat purrs or kneads, it’s showing that it feels calm, relaxed and safe with you. It might also knead you in order to leave a scent makers on your body.
  • If your cat shows glooming behaviours such as curling, licking etc

8 Reasons: Why Does My Cat Bite Me Then Lick Me?

cat biting and licking

As earlier stated, there are several answers to the question “why does my cat bite me then lick me”. Each answer giving more clarification to the behaviours that are likely to be exhibited by cats, either to show affection or to retract their owners from doing some acts.

The explanation to why your cat lick and bite you at the same time are as follows:

1. Your Cat Is Being Lovable

One notable reason your cat bite you then lick you is to show more affection, although this might appear a little aggressive. Normally, cats tend to bite while grooming. Hence, this strange act is definitely not out of the box of the possible reasons your cat bite you then lick you.

Research studies seems to find a more subtle explanation to this act of cat biting and licking you, especially when your cat is showing affection. It is shown that cats are a bit more interactive and affectionate with their owners after they have been separated.

This depicts that there’s tendency for them to be aggressive while meaning to show pure affection. Hence, your cat biting you and licking you doesn’t have to conceived like —”oh yeah! my cat is pretty much mad at me”. On the other hand, they might just want to show how affectionate they are.

2. It Is Seeking Attention

Although this might be rare depending on this context, but its possibility can be overruled. Cats are generally perceived as smart creatures who can easily figure out your reactions toward their actions. For instance, if your cat had previously bitten and lucked you, and you showed it affection afterwards. It is pretty much possible for it to repeat such act.

Your cat might perceive it as what easily gets your attention.

Also, this attention seeking act might be to let you that it wants something, probably food. Depending on your previous relationship with your cat and your reactions towards its actions, you can interpret it using the previous events.

3. Grooming Behaviours

Another way to interprete and find the answer to the question, why does my cat bite me then lick me is their grooming. Generally, when cats are being affectionate or groom towards one another, they tend to bite their fur. At the same time, they might bite themselves and lick the spot in order to lay the fur down.

But then, what is it about these grooming behaviours and its relationship to why my cat bite me then lick me?

It is quite normal for cats to bite during the grooming process. This happens when they can’t quite get something off their fur. At the same time, it might be because they need to really scratch an itch. Thus, if you’re the type that is quite observant of your cats, you will find out this sudden act of cat biting and licking is not totally strange as it seems initially.

For cats, while grooming one another, they mix in nibble. Noteworthy, if your cats lick you more than they bite you, then it’s possible thar they may be attempting to groom you as if you are another cats. Similarly, if your cats are more focused on licking and nibbling, the most possible explanation is grooming.

Grooming is quite good, as it shows a positive sign of your cats intending to have bond with you.

In the same vein, the behaviours of having your cat bite and lick you might be to demonstrate the same affection, while assuming that’s how you need to groomed too. Hence, when cats are being affectionate toward people, they tend to show these grooming behaviours and bite, then lick afterwards.

4. It is Being Playful

Cats also bite when they play but they may also lick. This happens especially if they’re being gentle. Hence, If your cat is exhibiting other playful signs or behaviours that might be similar to swishing its tail, it could just be them trying to show you they want to play with you.

Understandably, cats biting in this circumstance might not be okay. Hence, it’s more preferable to direct their attention towards something else like toys unless you’re pretty cool with it. Continuously retracting them from such behaviours could prevent them from continuing such act.

5. It is Overstimulated

Overstimulation is another explanation that appeals to be strange behaviour of cats biting and licking you.

Cats do communicate in different ways. Thus, their unexpected acts of biting and licking or vice versa might be to inform you of them being overstimulated.

For instance, it’s possible that your cat can go from being happy and contented to being suddenly frustrated while you are stroking it.

Typically, stimulation has no set of outlined rules or process. However, there’s always a tendency that stimulating to a certain extent might become unbearable or uncomfortable for your cat. Hence, they might become agitated and respond by biting and licking you afterwards.

Our cats of course can’t tell us to leave them alone so they communicate this through the lick and bite. It is therefore necessary to understand how tolerable your cat is and to avoid frustrating it further. This is just a mere act of mutual understanding between you and your cat.

6. It Is In Pain

It may be to show you that it is in pain. Just like people, cats can be quite grumpy especially when they’re in pain. Hence, they may be more prone to biting, but they may follow up these bites with licks.

Another possible reason under this, is when you touch soft spot, which may become less enjoyable or even painful to them. it is good to take good notice of that.

7. It Is Sick

Cats tend to groom when they are sick as it is believed to make them feel much better. Grooming is known to produce oxytocin—a natural painkiller that could help them heal. Hence, it is quite possible for them to lick you or bite you in the grooming process in order to make them feel much better.

You can consider seeing your vet if this becomes persistent.

8. It Is Warning You

Your cat may also demonstrate this behaviour to warn you. This reaction might be as a result of you touching its body. As a earlier stated touching a soft or painful spot could trigger such reaction from your cats.

Is There Any Time When Cats Licking And Biting Is Worrisome?

It is actually important for you to take proper notice of your cat if it starts demonstrating strange behaviours. As earlier indicated, cat biting and licking might be as a result of pain or discomfort caused from touching a tender spot, w spot, or due to sickness.

So, if this becomes more persistent to the extent it starts becoming unnatural, it advisable to complain to a vet. In addition, if it keeps on showing other symptoms of pain, then it might really becomes necessary to visit a vet for a proper checkup.

How To Stop My Cat From Biting Me

To stop your cat from repeatedly biting you, your reaction toward this act of biting practically determines its next line of actions. Hence, to stop the cat bite, ensure your reaction to every bite, even if gentle, gives the firm interpretation of “No Kitty! Stop it.”

Cats are known as attention seekers, hence, you can avoid making eye contact with it for a second or more. They are most likely to interpret the biting as not the best way to get your attention.

Why Does My Cat Bite And Lick Other Cats

Cats licking and biting other cats can be quite normal in the world of kitties. It could also be because of one of the reasons above. During grooming, cats bite and lick one another.

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